Verified Lending Network

VLN is the combination of a non-conforming mortgage lender/servicer and online loan trading platform offering high quality, high yield mortgage investments to member investors.

Our parent company Adfitech has been evaluating the quality of mortgage loans for over 30 years and is recognized as the top mortgage quality assurance company in the nation. Our depth of knowledge in understanding mortgage loan quality gives us distinct advantages over most lenders. We understand exactly what makes a good loan.

Most of the problems in sub-prime lending of the past stemmed from complex products with high risk features such as low qualifying rates, negative amortization, unsafe underwriting guidelines, a lack of complete or accurate information about he borrower's financial condition and high loan to value ratios which in some cases exceed 100% of the value of the property. We've addressed all of these problems by simplifying our loan offerings, common sense underwriting criteria, complete verification of all data upon which underwriting decisions are based and reasonable, lower loan to value ratios.

Throughout our history we have been leaders in developing technologies, methods and data to detect misinformation, missing information and out right fraud. Our experienced forensic underwriters have reviewed millions of loans over the past 30 years yielding data and knowledge that is unparalleled in the industry. We bring all of these resources to bear on our correspondent lending platform, greatly improving the quality of information for investors.

We do not consider our loans sub-prime but quality, near-prime loans that take into consideration historical credit habits, past actions (bankruptcy, foreclosure and short sales), and other financial obligations. Although our target borrowers may not meet the current criteria for a "Qualified Mortgage" that does not mean that they are a bad credit risk. VLN’s “Bridge To The Future” loan programs help these borrowers get the loan they need now and within a few years helps to build their credit to a level that could give them the chance to refinance into a “Qualified Mortgage” or other lower interest rate loan for which they wouldn’t have initially qualified for until their credit score and financial condition was elevated.

The CFPB published guidelines in early 2013 that tied the hands of traditional lenders when it comes to underwriting. Our common sense underwriting guidelines take into account the reasons for past credit issues not just a faceless credit score. While credit scores can be a useful tool in evaluating a borrower's willingness to repay it only tells a small part of the story. Our underwriting guidelines assure that debt-to-income ratios, reserves, assets and reasons behind credit problems are carefully considered before approving any loan.

As a VLN member you buy, hold and sell individual mortgage loans that have been reviewed and verified by VLN's stringent verification and review process. VLN services every loan transferring interest payments directly to your cash or trading account. We take care of all of the details, servicing the loans on your behalf. Simple to buy, simple to own. You make the investment decisions, we take care of the rest.