Technical Tools

Technology is at the heart of everything at ADFITECH. We strive to provide the fastest and most customized solutions in the industry. From secure imaging to custom portals, our technology provides our mortgage experts with state of the art tools.

The Customizable Loan Analysis Workflow System ( CLAWS ) allows ADFITECH to provide our clients with the exact products they desire with minimal development time.

  • Robust rules engine easily handles even the most intricate business requirements
  • Customizable applications increase efficiency and accuracy.
  • Background job processing for scalable solutions
  • Integrated reporting suite delivers concise product data

Our secure imaging system now exclusively caches encrypted files supplied by our internal proprietary web service.

  • Your images are worked in an encrypted enviroment.
  • We provide you copies of your images annotated with findings in industry standard file format.
  • The secure imaging viewer also offers page file operations such as rotation and barcode scanning.
  • The viewer is also able to prohibit image printing and other common insecure features.

The ADFITECH Borrower Analysis Comparative Underwriting System (ABACUS) allows our forensic auditors to easily access the critical elements of a loan.

  • Precise calculations for powerful analysis
  • Provides detailed view of borrower's financial picture at the time of closing
  • Assists underwriters in identifying inaccuracies in submitted loan data
  • Reveals relationship between ratios and their components

The solution to your mortgage file imaging,delivery and document storage needs.

LOAN VAULT™ was designed exclusively for the mortgage industry and the unique applications that mortgage professionals require. Endless filing cabinets and expensive office storage space become a thing of the past when you put your mortgage loan files into LOAN VAULT™.

Now you can digitally archive your loans and find them instantly whenever you need them.