Mortgage Services

We provide services utilizing highly refined proprietary technology and a full-time staff of employees with a wide variety of experience in the mortgage industry.

  • Post Closing Delivery

Post closing audits that meet the requirements of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, and VA performed by an experienced staff of underwriters, closers, and appraisal specialists.

  • Conforming secondary "A" loans as well as "Alt A", "C-", & portfolio products
  • Customized to meet regional, state, branch, or any other divisional needs
  • Underwriting review
  • Desk review of appraisal
  • Compliance and closing review

Audit the accuracy and quality of the loan application before funding.

  • Reverification of borrower's employment
  • Ownership records reviewed for undisclosed self employment
  • Employer's business status verified with state records
  • Research ownership and current seller's title
  • Determine validity and issuance of social security numbers used by borrower
  • Borrower liability data verification through an in-file credit report
  • Previous sale/market value researched ---- potential flips or significant value issues

ADFITECH provides our clients with an in-depth audit of closed loan documents to identify issues before delivery of insuring, servicing and investor packages.

  • All documents are imaged and indexed for secure client viewing
  • Timely audits are performed to client/investor specifications to identify defects and errors in documentation
  • Report, track and obtain the corrected documents until resolved
  • Prepare, deliver and track HUD Case Binders, Investor/Custodian Files, and Servicing Files
  • Trailing documents (i.e. Recorded Mortgage, Title Policy, etc.) are audited and delivered to investor
  • Storage of electronic/hard files

ADFITECH offers several distinct QC programs designed to provide our clients with options based on the areas of servicing in which they wish to identify and control operational risk. Included are:

Full-Scope Servicing QC

Full-Scope Servicing QC covers all operational servicing areas for compliance with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA guidelines and federal regulations

Delinquent Loan Servicing QC

Delinquent Loan Servicing QC measures compliance with investor requirements regarding Pre- and Post-Servicing Alignment Initiative procedures.

Program Compliance Servicing QC

Program Compliance Servicing QC an in-depth review of all investor loss mitigation programs including HAMP, HAFA, GSE proprietary modifications, short sales and deed-in-lieu to measure compliance with all program specific procedures and documentation requirements.