VLN offers members an opportunity to buy, hold and sell high-quality, high yield non-conforming mortgage loans with minimum effort.

VLN returns transparency and simplicity to investing in residential mortgage loans. The introduction of mortgage backed security was the watershed event which transformed the mortgage industry in the 1970s. While the mortgage backed security offered a more liquid investment vehicle it also obscured the process and underlying assets to a point that investors had no way of determining exactly what was in the security, the quality of the individual assets or how they were performing. Adding sophisticated and sometimes questionable credit enhancements, hybrid securities and tranching schemes added another layer of confusion contributing to the mortgage market meltdown of 2007/2008.

VLN Members invest in individual, quality non-conforming mortgage loans

Members manage their mortgage investments with complete transparency to each and every loan in their portfolio. Your investment decisions are made on a loan by loan basis. If you only wish to invest in properties in California and Texas, you can. If you're investment style leans more toward geographic diversity, you simply adjust your search filters to broaden geographic criteria. Perhaps you favor smaller loan amounts, lower LTVs, higher property values or seasoned loans. All are possible with our trading platform.

VLN evaluates and purchases quality non-conforming mortgage loans

Working with established, respected, qualified correspondents, VLN investigates, verifies, evaluates and purchases mortgage loans that do not qualify for traditional financing.

The key to quality mortgage lending is having complete and accurate information then applying common sense underwriting guidelines to the credit decision while further reducing risk by offering simple loan products with lower loan to value ratios. With over thirty years experience in evaluating the quality of mortgage loans we definitively know what differentiates a good loan from a bad loan, and it’s not always what you would expect.

Loans are offered for sale to members

Loans which meet our stringent verification process and underwriting criteria are offered for sale on our online trading platform, available exclusively to member investors. The auction is open for a set amount of time for each loan and can have minimums or reserves. Once those minimums or reserves are met, the seller can accept the current bid at anytime or wait for the auction to close. If you've won the auction the loan is immediately transferred to your account, funds move the same day and interest accrual to your account starts immediately.

Members may choose to sell some or all of their loans at anytime by placing them back on the trading platform. Managing your assets, accounts and portfolios is simple, secure and completely online. You decide when and what to buy or sell and how to keep track of your assets.

Life of Loan Servicing

Servicing mortgage loans becomes more involved and complex with every stroke of the regulatory pen. VLN services your loans for as long as your lending portfolio exists. We take care of everything from collecting payments to payoffs to selling an REO property acquired as part of a foreclosure. You make the investing decisions, we take care of the rest.