For more than thirty years, our parent company Adfitech, Inc. has been evaluating the quality of mortgage loans originated through hundreds of lenders nationwide. This unique perspective has driven us to build a correspondent mortgage lending platform that is capable of originating high quality loans in the largely underserved, non-conforming markets. In our experience, many mortgage losses stem from poor underwriting criteria, a lack of complete information during the origination process and high loan to value ratios. Our in-depth understanding of these issues combined with our forensic approach to collecting and verifying all necessary information gives us a powerful advantage.

Making mortgages available to a large population requires a consistent funding source. In recent history, this was achieved through complex and opaque financial instruments. Residential real estate investors have been utilizing these mortgage backed securities as a “safe” and liquid investment since the early 1980’s. The lack of transparency that led to huge losses in some of these portfolios during the mortgage meltdown only exacerbated concerns about loan quality. Our trading platform allows investors to view every aspect of a loan including borrower profile and property information, reintroducing transparency into the investment decision process. We take pride in our common sense approach to making quality mortgage loans and we want our members to know exactly what they are investing in before they even place a bid.

Our commitment to quality doesn't stop once the loan is sold. We service every loan we originate for the life of the loan. Our seasoned mortgage professionals will take care of every aspect of loan servicing while you enjoy a high yield asset.